Day 1

It’s December 1st so you know what that means; brush off your stockings and cute decorations because Christmas is on the way! A tradition in my family is the classic advent box, but this year I’ve gotten a a different type of advent box than I’m used to from my mom. A makeup advent box! How exciting is that? For a girl like me it’s a dream came true, a new makeup product a day makes waking up each morning a little bit more exciting. So I’ve decided to share the items I get each day with all of you!

advent box

To start it all off the item I got first is Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil.  I use argan oil for so many things, I think of it as a beauty necessity.  The main purpose I use argan oil is for my split ends, I am a hair dying addict, which I knowoil isn’t the greatest thing. However the argan oil helps rejuvenate my hair and  fixes my split ends, giving my hair this wonderful silky shine.  It can also be used to soften cuticles and as a great moisturizer for cracked skin.  This morning I even used it on my chapped burning lips, it quickly eased the pain and made them smoother and less cracked. I highly recommend having argan oil in your beauty archive! I hope you are all excited about day 2 as I am!

xx. Hannah


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