Day 2

Waking up this morning was exciting as ever because who isn’t excited for a new mystery beauty item. So today as I jumped out of my lovely college dorm bed (can you sense the sarcasm), put on my slippers, and grabbed my beauty box I was ready to start the day.  Under mystery flap 2 was bliss blood orange & white pepper hand cream with macadamia oil & grape seed extract.  What a weird combination right? Blood orange and white pepper, who would even think to put those two together.  Although the hesitation let me put all your questions to rest, the combination does in fact work! It’s a sweet and spicy smell, you can smell the orange flavor but also get that tickle of white pepper in your nose.  Besides the interesting smell the lotion itself is wonderful! After putting it on, my hands felt buttery smooth without that greasy after feeling that lotions can sometimes have.  I’ve had other lotions of bliss before and it’s a great thing to have, even a little tube that can fit right in your purse! Hopefully it can save me from getting cracked dry hands from this Erie winter. Have a great day and get excited about day 3!

xx Hannah


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