Day 4

The mystery item under flap number 4 is… drumroll please… Laura Geller Beauty Ingenuity Midnight eyeliner.  So with this being an eyeliner, an actually makeup product rather than a beauty product like the other ones, I thought I would show how I used  I do love Laura Geller I have a few other eyeliners of hers, and they go on really smooth.  This midnight color has a sparkle to it, which was a surprise to me when I put it on; to a girl like me who loves black and sparkles there really couldn’t be a better comeyebination. So I did a couple experiments with this eyeliner this morning and I decided with a sparkly wing.  It came out as an edgier look to me, I don’t wear as much eyeliner as I used to. I pared this look with a white tee and leather jacket, let’s just say I feel like a 1950’s greaser today! This eyeliner is definitely great for a night out, if you aren’t as bold to try the different color liners but want something other than plain black.  The glitter adds more of a texture and helps make the eyeliner not as flat as plain black.  I hope you enjoy my look, and check out this eyeliner for yourself!

xx Hannah


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