Day 5-9

These past couple days have been busy, so first I have to say sorry for not posting for a few days.  Kaylee and I went to New York City for the weekend, so we were a little too excited about that to be able to post.  I figured to just write quFullSizeRenderick little things about each item, which are all fantastic by the way! So day 5 was…Midnight Fleur by NEST.  To me it is a scent I would wear in the evening.  There is this strong flower scent which is really actually lovely.  I’ve never had a perfume of theirs before but I definitely would buy another from them.  Day 6 is Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lighting Serum.  To me personally I don’t exactly need a aFullSizeRender (1)ge spot lightener, I’m 18, as of now I don’t have any wrinkles ( thank god).  I guess it is never too early to start preventing though! I put it on and it was this weird feeling on my skin, it kind of felt like it was tightening, which I’m guessing is a good thingI!  Day 7 was Purity by Philosophy. This product is something that I’m very familiar with, and I love it. My mother has been ordering Philosophy since I can FullSizeRender (2)remember, it was the first face wash I ever used.  There is this simple light smell which is very relaxing, and it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin, but leaves it smooth and clean.  Day 8 was IT Cosmetics Mascara.  I’m obsessed with mascara, FullSizeRender (3)and when I say obsessed I mean like in an unhealthy way.  I use a total of 5 mascaras, now 6, a day.  So adding this mascara to my collection is very exciting.  Lets just say I’m in love with it.  The brush creates this brilliant effect on the lashes that fans them out and adds volume.  I greatly recommend this product! Finally today’s product, day 9 is StriVectin Wrinkle and Stretch Mark Tightener. I’m currently praying this works, weight has not always been kind to me.  Stretch marks FullSizeRender (4)are embarrassing, and yes I do have them. I put the lotion on the areas, I will report back with the results! Now that I have gotten caught up with the days I will continue to post regularly. Day 10 here we come!

xx Hannah


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