Day 10,11 & 12

With finals starting next week I’ve been studying hard.  So with studying I may have forgotten to post for a couple days. It looks like I’ll be posting them all together again. On day 10 I got Caviar CC Cream Leave-in Hair Perfector. As I’ve saidSubstandardFullSizeRender before, I love dying my hair.  So any products going to help undo all the damage I’ve done to my hair I’m very exciting.  I’ve tried just about everything to help my hair get silky shiny smooth again.  The one thing that has actually helped my hair is that I’ve stopped using shampoo, but we will talk about that later. After showering and letting my hair dry I put the CC CreaSubstandardFullSizeRender (1)m in my hair and it made it soft and shiny, I even put it on after curling my hair to hold them in place.  It’s a product that I’ve never heard of before but now I’m really happy I have it! Day 11 was Perricone MD Photo Plamsa.  This product I use as a primer before I put on my make up.  It is a great primer, but it is also very good for your skin.  It doesn’t have a slimy greasy feel that primer sometimes has.  It goes on like a face lotion and helps keep your make up on. Today’s product is L’Occitane Hand Cream. This little tube is perfect to fit in your purse.  It also works very well, I put it on first thing this morning and my hands felt incredible.  We get tons of snow here, and it’s so cold that I have to make sure I’m always putting lotion on so they don’t get cracked.  I’ll be posting saturday’s and sunday’s product.  I will try and post next week during finals.

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xx Hannah


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