new roads

London, England has always had a special place in my heart.  The first time I traveled there was in 2009, I was 13 years old. My family has always travelIMG_6057ed, and I had enjoyed every place we had ventured to. However, never have I fallen in love with a place the way I had with London. I had returned once more after my senior year in high school, and I knew that it was were I belonged, the cheesiest way to put it. With it being my sophomore year in college, I have been accepted to travel abroad to London and take classes.  Something I have been dreaming about is finally coming true and I have no words to describe how excited I am about this new road that I am traveling on.  I plan to take this blog on the adventure with me, and I hope you enjoy traveling along with me.

With my dream coming true, I would like to remind those who feel like they are going no where with their dream to take risks. Put your self out there, and dare; to change your life in the direction that you want it to go.
x hannah


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