Windsor Castle

IMG_8108Since I am still in the midst of Orientation week, I have group field trips.  I am not particularly found of these, I want to look like less of a tourist everywhere I go. However, walking around in a huge group doesn’t really help me blend in.  Today we visited Windsor Castle, the Queens’ favourite residence.  It has a very rustic beauty, very different in comparison to the elaborate Buckingham Palace.

St. George Chapel

Windsor Castle is the largest & oldest occupied castle in the world.  The castle was originally built by William the Conquerer.  Soon enough it became the private residence of the Royals.  Within Windsor there is great history, including the St. George Chapel, which has a huge beautiful stained glass window & an impeccable ceiling.

Learning history is always exciting to me, but actually being able to see it, & picture it all makes it a hundred times better.


x hannah


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