The National Gallery 

Another day, another adventure here in London. The abundance of things to do makes it easy to never be bored.  A fellow art lover & I decided to make a complete day of admiring art in the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.  If you are in London it is a have to do activity. The Gallery is free, which is also a huge plus. You could spend multiple days there just taking in all the beautiful pieces. I am personally a big fan of contemporary art such as Van Gogh; but who doesn’t love Vam Gogh. There was a specific piece that caught my eye, that I’ve actually been stuck on ever since. The painting is by Louis-Léopold Boilly, A Girl at the Window.  

 Obviously a photo that I took doesn’t do the painting justice at all. It was an artist I am not familiar with, and he clearly has a great talent. I was extremely happy to come across it. Go out & see some art. Even if it’s on your own. Go look at something beautiful today. 

x hannah 


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