London Lights Up

There are events constantly going on in London, clearly showcased in magazines such as TimeOut, or plastered all over the streets.  This past weeks main event was Lumiere London.  Taking place all over London in places such as King’s Cross, Trafalgar Square, & Piccadilly Circus. Light installations were set up across the city for people all over London to view as art.  Personally a group of friends and I set out to the King’s Cross area first because that is where we live.


Some of the installations included a birdcage, a tunnel of recycled plastic bottles, a hauntingly beautiful dress, and a King’s Cross tunnel of lights. All of the artwork was so amazing.  It was great to see such a big turn out of people who also enjoy art.

Piccadilly was insane! There was a massive amount of people that flooded the streets.  Despite the packed area the lights were totally worth it.

Here are just a few of the installations at Piccadilly, which are a walking woman, flying fish, a jellyfish, and rooftop silhouettes.  I’d have to say my favourite installation was the flying fish.  The only way to describe them was magical. This beautiful music was playing as these giant fish were floating gracefully in the sky, while changing color.

Unfortunately this was only a weekend event, but I hope that it comes back to London again.  Take a chance on those events that you find in magazines… it might be something spectacular!

x hannah


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