Regents Park

Claire & I decided to take a little morning walk today to Regents Park.  The park is about a 20 minute walk from our building. When we arrived we got a very big ‘Lady & The Tramp’ vibe, the fence automatically reminded us of one of our favourite Disney movies. We found a bench & sat down to enjoy our brunch while looking at a beautiful fountain, just a normal casual morning here in London. Connected to the park is the London Zoo, but it didn’t seem like it was open at the time that we entered.  The park is a massive amount of grassy land in the middle of the city.  Dogs were running wild, which made me quite happy; seeing a dog automatically makes it any day a good day.  Squirrels were coming right up to us and the pigeons were fat as ever from people feeding them.  Even though it is mid-January there were flowers blooming and fountains flowing, it seemed like a morning in March.

The less crowded area was a nice rest from the fast pace of London.  I love the city, but sometimes it can be so overwhelming to basically run everywhere.  At times it’s nice to just take a stroll around and ‘get out’ of the city. I will definitely be returning when I get a little stressed out.  It’s amazing how even in this city there are parks all over, which can help you escape every once and awhile.

x hannah


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