A Walk in Camden Town

This afternoon was a group walk to Camden Town along Regents canal. I’ve never walked along the canal before; it is covered with some interesting artwork that I had to stop and take some photos of. Camden is an area I am familiar with so a couple friends & I decided to venture off on our own.  Taking a stroll along the strip each shop has such an
extravagant store front, it just makes you want to check it out & see what they have inside.  I decided to take a walk past the shop where I got my nose pierced back in 2014.  It’s amazing that just walking down a street can bring back so many memories.  When we reached the market it was full of shops with jewelry, scarfs, and clothing.  I decided to cave aIMG_8401nd purchase a super soft Pink Floyd baseball tee… I just couldn’t resist. There was also a vintage camera that I was eyeing, hopefully I can convince my mom to get it for me as a late birthday gift when she visits.
We also stopped along the food market and picked up some excellent chinese food. My friend also decided to cave and buy the most delicious looking crepe.  Filled with strawberries and nutella it was like heaven every singe bite! It was a successful day just walking around enjoying the town.  Camden is a bit more of an alternative area & I love it.  People walk around wearing whatever they want without giving a shit and it’s awesome.  Every town and area is so different all across London and it’s amazing.  It’s possible that even though you stay in London, you don’t even feel like you’re still in the same country. Every neighborhood has something different to offer which makes the city of London even better.


You can never stop exploring.

x hannah



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