Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend starts on Thursday in London.  It’s another plus, no Friday classes.  Since I have such a long weekend that means I can do so much in a city that offers so many things.  After Thursday classes I ended up at Trafalgar’s Square for gelato.  We have found our favourite place and we decided to treat ourselves with something good after another successful week of classes.  The other reason why we decided to take a trip to Trafalgar’s is because it was the re-opening of my favourite pub.  Sherlock Holmes pub is a place that I visit regularly every time I am in London.  When I first arrived at the beginning of January & heard that they were doing some construction I was nervous that they wouldn’t be opening soon.  Luckily they are now open again and ready for my business again!

Our walk took us all over London, to Piccadilly circus, to China Town, then finally to end the night in another pub called the Porcupine.

Friday was filled with The V&A museum as well as the Natural History Museum.  I live for the free museums here.  Its incredible that these arts are so available to everyone.  After filling our brains, we decided to fill our stomachs with Tapas that we have been craving all week.  Let me just say we made some great decisions.

Saturday was another big day taking trip to Notting Hill. With the busy Portobello Market, and the colorful houses, I was once again in love.  The market was buzzing with all sorts of stands yet a couple of friends and I spotted out a Gyro stand that we just had to try; and I’m so happy we did.  After all that eating & walking we stopped for a spot of tea, then took the train home.  It was a very exhausting day of hunting for my future house.

Sunday’s are relaxing, however there was one more market I needed to stop at this weekend. Brick Lane, in Whitechapel has all the good vintage clothing that you just need! SO many shops with everything that I want in my closet.  It was so hard to have self control luckily I did! Along there was beautiful graffiti that I just had to get photos of, as well as some interesting works.


A tiring weekend, leading into another tiring week of university.

x hannah


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