Morning Class at the National Portrait Gallery

The amazing thing about studying in London, is that the city is your classroom.  There is history constantly surrounding you, in places that you wouldn’t even expect. For my Women’s history in London class we took a IMG_8632trip to The National Portrait Gallery  to take a look at the few women lucky enough to get their story told through their portraits. A few of my favourites were the portrait of Queen Victoria, and the statue of her and Prince Albert.  The way they stare at eachother it the statue makes you really feel how much they loved eachother.  Another one of my favourite portraits was of a woman named Elizabeth Wallis Warfield, she grew up in Pennsylvania, just like me! IMG_8636Elizabeth ended up marrying the Edward the Prince of Wales, he fell in love with her when she visited London once.  I absolutely love that story because it allows me to keep my dream alive or marrying a prince… maybe one day. I also viewed portaits of Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse and many other important women.

After the Portriat Gallery, I took the tube back to Holborn, and grabbed a quick bite for lunch.  I found a vacant bench in a little square and enjoyed my lunch while trying the keep the pigeons at bay. It’s the little things like soaking up the sun and taking in all that is around me, that makes me grateful for where I am.

xx hannah


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