Afternoon at the Aquarium

After a night of mild drinking & karoaking it was decided that a nice walk through London and the aquarium would be a great idea. The aquarium was a bit pricey yet Claire and I decided to take the risk and try it out. Luckily for us we figured out that we are really 6 year olds at heart & it was totally worth it. There was a tunnel under this huge habitat with sting rays, sharks, & all different types of beautiful fish.

I love aquatic life, it’s so beautiful to me.  However my favourite part of the aquarium was being able to see my spirit animal, my favourite animal, sharks.  No Great Whites, obviously, but they did have really cool tiger & nursing sharks in a massive habitat that you could see from all different angles.  There was also a lot of great information about saving the sharks which I’d really like to get involved with. They gave a website called that gives great information on marine conservation. They are such majestic creatures that should be protected.


Let your 6 year old self take the reigns and have a little fun this weekend.

x hannah



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