Stratford & Chinese New Year

Waking up early has never been something that I’ve been fond of; yet I’ve had to do it quite a lot this weekend.  Saturday was a day trip to Stratford, many know it as William Shakespeare’s hometown.  After about an hour and 15, we arrived to a small town filled with corner shops with Shakespeare’s face plastered everywhere.  We visited his childhood home, as well as his final resting place.  His once retirement home that he purchased was torn down, however his granddaughter’s house, which was right next door, was still standing.

After Claire & I got tea in Stratford, the group moved onto Kenilworth Castle. The castle is now left in ruins after the English civil war.  The ruins allowed for the imagination to run wild on the actual interior of the castle.

After a long day on Saturday, one would think that Sunday would be a little bit more relaxing…  We decided to get one last adventure in before the work week snuck up on us.  With alarms set at 8am (that’s early for us) we grabbed the tube and headed to Trafalgar square for the Chinese New Year parade.  It wasn’t as along as I was expecting, but it was filled with colourful dragons which made me quite happy.

Another wonderful weekend here in London, I don’t see myself leaving.

x hannah


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