Bleach London & More

These past months have honestly been non-stop for me; 2 full months feels like a whole year already.  While in London I made a promise to my self that 1.) I would bleach my hair & 2.) I would go see the 1975.  Since I’m such a good person… I kept those promises to myself! The first week in March I went to Bleach London & now I’m a blonde! The whole process took 5 hours! I had great chats with the workers & the outcome was totally worth it! I’m going back to Bleach right before I go back home so I can get my locks more silvery.

During this time my dad & uncle came to visit so I also got to show my guests my knew knowledge of my area.  It was amazing to realize how much I’ve learned in the short time that I’ve been here already.  We took a Jack the Ripper Tour & spent a lot of time at the Borough Market enjoying oysters.

Tuesday 9 March, I got to see the 1975! It was an amazing show and I was so happy.  I had been sick the following days, but even though I sat a little while during the show I was able to enjoy it still because their music is amazing.

University is taking over a little bit with constant papers & presentations; but that doesn’t mean I have to stop enjoying London.


xx hannah


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