Springing into Sunday

First, to who maybe reading this, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Even though the constant temperature here in London is around the 50’s it’s nice to have that spring smell in the air, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, it’s over all just a great time.  So to take advantage of this beautiful weather we decided to take a trip to Brick Lane.  Brick Lane is a fabulous market with tons of vintage shops & graffiti (some even by Banksy). There is so many wonderful shops & restaurants that I want to stop & buy something from everyone.

We stopped right away to the famous ‘Beigel Bake’ to get one of their amazing beigels.  Luckily we came at the right time were the line was not out the door.  I got a salt beef sandwhich on a rainbow beigel and let me just say it was INCREDIBLE! If you’re in London you have to get there at least once, the prices are so cheap and the food is outstanding, you’d be dumb not to go there.

As we continued down the crowded streets there were just some things I couldn’t walk by without purchasing.  One of the items was a beautiful print by Felix Green.  All of the prints at the stand were so eye catching but this one caught my attention immediately.  I always try & make a point to buy things while I’m traveling that I can’t get anywhere else.  I walked into a store called ‘Ragyard’ & I knew right away I needed to get something, everything in the store was so different.  The store carried all sorts of regular crewnecks with something new embellished on them.  They turned these boring crewnecks into something so different.  My last purchase of the day was a dress. I was on the look for something nice for tea at the Ritz with my mum. I got this dress right outside Shoreditch market, in a lovely little boutique, I would definitely go there again.  I’m so happy about all my purchases & can’t wait to show them off!

xx hannah


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