Birthday Weekend & Bleach Round 2

So I did it! I finally made it to silver/ gray hair & I couldn’t be more excited.  Bleach did such an amazing job and the people who work there are so nice & know exactly what they were doing.  Dying your hair is just so much fun & going to Bleach made it even better!

I also got to experience my 20th birthday here in London & I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better gift.  Just walking around & being here is a gift in itself.  The weekend we planned was so full of activities! I got my nails done, got some drinks at the pub, went to Greenwich and visited the conservatory.  The conservatory was so beautiful, we didn’t actually go in, but we sat on the hill right outside & the view of the city is just gorgeous. I love London and next week is my last week in the study abroad program.  I never thought that I would be sad to see classes end :(.


I have an extra week here with my mom before I have to go back to the states.  I’m going to live it up the last weeks I’m here, and I won’t be sad because I know I’ll be returning.

x hannah


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