back home

Returning from London, back home to my hometown really has been hard. I was honestly so terrified to live in London for months that I never even thought about how difficult it would be to return to the states. Leaving my dream home to come back to my real home has its pros and cons.  The hard part is leaving an amazing place with so much to do & so much history, but coming home to the comfort of my house & seeing my friends & of course my dog is always something to look forward to.  Being back home is a change of pace, when I was so used to weaving in & out of people on the streets, now here there is no one on the streets.  It’s different being home, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Yet, I am ready for another adventure! I plan to save money to travel with friends & maybe even take an internship in Australia next summer.. a girl can dream right?! Thank you for following my last adventure & I hope you follow along for the next!


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