My 5 Interview Tips

Hi all! Happy Tuesday!

I’m still trying to figure out a blogging schedule that works for me so sorry for the random postings!

Since I’ve recently graduated college the one goal in my mind is to get a job! It’s a current stressor that keeps me up at night sometimes. I’ve been putting myself out there & applying to jobs all over the place & taking part in all sorts of interviews. So because I’ve been going through the interview process I thought I’d share a few of my interview tips!

1. Look Your Best

The first tip is an obvious one; you always want to look your best for an interview! When putting together an interview outfit I always make sure to go for simple patterns, nothing too crazy, I usually stick with patterned dress pants & a solid colored shirt with some flats. Another tip is to wear something that is comfortable; if you’re anything like me you’ll most likely be nervous & you don’t want your outfit adding to your discomfort! Some of my favorite interview clothes from from H&M, New York & Company, TJ Maxx. They all have great selections of cute clothes that are also professional. If you’re short like me New York & Company has great dress pants that actually fit to the ankle!

Fav Pattern Dress Pants

2. Gum & Water

Before an interview my mouth goes completely dry with nerves & dry mouth can bring the feeling of bad breath. Personally, if I feel like I have bad breath I will be self-conscious about it & not be able to focus during the whole interview. So before my interview I make sure that I chew a piece of gum on my way there; chewing gum, to me, helps relieve some tension & anxiety. Bringing a water bottle along with you is KEY! Fill one up before your drive so you can have a drink on your way there; but more importantly so you can have it after your interview, because if you’re anything like me you’re completely parched after an interview.

3. Be Prepared

The job hunt is not just about searching for jobs & applying; you need to know who you are working for. Before your interview be sure to research the company/position you are applying for.  The things I always look for & write down is the company’s mission statement, their care approach, & their history. Since the jobs that I am looking for are in the mental health field I find it very important to see how prospective companies treat their patients. This research will not only benefit you but also impress your interviewer as well!

4. Plan Accordingly

I am someone who is always early, not matter what the occasion. The night before it is key that you plan your drive to your interview. Especially, if you live in a busier area, you need to plan around traffic patterns, to make sure that you are not late! I always arrive at least 15 min early, being early helps relieve some of my anxieties, because if all else goes wrong I know at least I made it on time! Even if you are taking part in a phone interview I make sure that at least 15 minutes before the expected call I go into a quiet room & try to get comfortable.

5. Smile & Be Polite 

Never underestimate the power of a smile! Going into an interview with a big smile & firm handshake makes a great first impression. A smile can show your positivity & it also makes you look happy to be there & interviewing. Be polite during the whole interview (obviously) & when you leave be sure to smile, shake their hand, & thank them again for taking the time to interview you.

Thanks for stopping by & checking out a few of my interview tips!

What are your pre-interview rituals?



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