IMG_2226This blog is run by me, Hannah Alexander! On this blog I’m going to share everything I love, from clothing, makeup, traveling, food, things about me and everything in between. I hope anyone who stops by enjoys what they see


A little more about me…

IMG_2100I was born in a small town of Sharon, Pennsylvania. I’m currently going to Penn State Uni. however I’m a bit undecided to what I want to do with my life.  With this blog it’s like an outlet to all my favourite things such as makeup, traveling and cooking. Music and art is also very important to me; I believe that art has the power to change the world, so get ready for some epic playlists, and rants about my favourite bands. I am a girl with very big dreams.  My biggest dream is to move to London, England IMG_2348and have my own makeup studio.  A girl can dream right!? Until then this blog is a way of sharing my dream with the world! Always remember that your dreams matter, and no one can tell you that they can’t.





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xx. Hannah


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