What’s Left in the Fridge?: Bacon, Brussel Sprouts & Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash

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Do you ever have those days where you haven’t gone grocery shopping in a week; whether it be from laziness, or you’re going away soon, but now you have no food left in the fridge. Since this exact thing happened to me today I thought I would start a new series of posts called ‘What’s left in the Fridge?’  I had a few main ingredients lying around, such as a Spaghetti Squash that needed to be cooked. I searched ‘Spaghetti Squash’ on Pinterest & found this recipe from Buzzfeed by Christine Byrne, all the credit goes to her for this amazing recipe. However, since I did not have all of the listed ingredients I had to improvise a little. Some of the ingredients that I have listed are different from the original yet most ingredients & the instructions are the same. I’ve listed the original recipe below.

Buzz Feed Recipe

I am not a person who craves healthy food for snacks or for meals; I am more of a ‘give me all your french fries’ type of girl. So Spaghetti Squash really isn’t my ‘go-to’ meal; but my mom gave me the orders to cook the squash before it went bad. I personally have never had spaghetti squash before, I figured the only way I could eat it is if I added a few things I like, such as bacon & goat cheese. It’s a super easy & I actually really enjoyed it, so I hope you all enjoy it too!


1 Spaghetti Squash

Olive Oil

2 TSP of butter

Salt & Pepper

4 Slices of Bacon

1 TBSP Red Wine Vinegar

1 TSP Maple Syrup

1 bag of Brussel Sprouts (I didn’t have any spinach around so I added Brussel Sprouts instead)

Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese, Crumbled


  1. Preheat the oven to 400
  2. Cut the Spaghetti Squash into rings & remove all the seeds from inside of the rings. Drizzle olive oil on a pan lined with aluminum foil & place the Squash rings on the pan. Flip the rings on both sides so they are coated in oil. Sprinkle salt & pepper on both sides of the rings.
  3. Roast the squash for about 30 minutes. Once done set the squash aside to cool. IMG_0096
  4. Cut the ends of the brussel sprouts off & cut them in half. Wash them & add to a pan heated with butter & a bit of olive oil. Cook until browned. Cover for 2 minutes once browned until they are tender. Remove from pan. IMG_0095
  5. Slice the bacon into smaller strips & add to the same pan that the brussel sprouts were in. Cook until the bacon is crispy. IMG_0098
  6. The orginal recipe states to add Red Wine vinegar to deglaze the pan. Also, to turn the heat down low & add maple syrup. ( I don’t like sweet tastes in my meals so I added less maple syrup than originally called for)
  7. Gently with a fork peel away the squash from the outter skin. ( I was really surpised as how much you got out of one squash!)IMG_0097
  8. Add the brussel sprouts & squash to the pan with the bacon & mix well.
  9. Seperate the squash between bowls, top with goat cheese, & red pepper flakes if you’d like!

The Buzzfeed states that this recipe serves 2 yet I had some left over that my mom is going to have for lunch tomorrow!

I’ve really enjoyed writing & working on this post, it felt like I was playing my own little game of Chopped so I will definetly be posting more along the way!

Thanks for stopping by!

What’s your favorite ‘no food left in the fridge’ meal to make?



Travel Diary: Sedona, Arizona

I swear time moves faster when you’re on vacation! My time in Sedona, Arizona has already come & gone & I am super sad that it is already over. Continue reading to check out my trip!

A bit of holiday traffic slowed us down from getting into Sedona; but once we arrived into town we were sure to stop in to one of my families frequent pizza stops. Pisa Lisa is a great spot in town & luckily for me they have gluten-free crust. The food was incredible & it was nice to get a drink in after the long flight! After filling up on pizza we stopped at the groceries to get supplies for the week, then back out to a local winery, Vino Di Sedona, for a bit more wine & cheese. We sat outside as the sun started to lower & enjoyed live music while we snacked on some cheeses; it was a perfect ending for the first night.

As Sunday came along, we decided to keep it relaxing & explore more of our favorite spots in Sedona. We grabbed breakfast at the Pump House Station Urban Eatery; my mom & I ordered the smashed avocado toast & the salmon toast & split it between us. Both meals were so delicious, something I would definitely order again! After exploring more a bit in Sedona we stopped by the Mariposa, which is a Latin grill. They have amazing views of the red rocks surrounding the area. My family & I sat outside (I had my mom take part in a mini-photo shoot) & enjoyed the views with a glass of wine. We stopped for dinner in the Tlaquepaque shopping area, which is beautiful by itself. There are so many different boutiques & many cute places to take some pictures! We had dinner at El Rincon which is a Mexican restaurant with some amazing guacamole; if you go there you have to order it, as well as the Prickly Pear Margarita, that I became obsessed with over the trip.

Monday or Memorial Day, was another day spent relaxing. My mother, Aunt, & I spent the morning getting massages at the Page Springs Winery. That massage was much needed, my shoulders were so tense even the masseuse noted on it! After the massage, we stayed for some wine, I mean we were already there! Just down the road was another winery called Javelina Leap Vineyard. We decided that we would spend the day Winery hopping & it was the perfect way to spend Memorial day! For the evening we stopped by the Airport Mesa in Sedona to check out the amazing sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous over the red rocks.

Tuesday was the day that we decided to start our hikes. We started the day at the Coffee Pot Restaurant, named after the rock formation that is located behind it. Every time I have eaten there it is always good & they are known for their many omelettes. After a protein filled breakfast we hiked the Devil’s Bridge Trail. We started the hike a little later in the day so it became very hot very quick. Other than the heat, the hike was very enjoyable & the view at the end was incredible! Once we came back from the hike we visited a town nearby Sedona called Jermone. Jermone is located up on a hill & the views are so cool. We stopped by a restaurant called The Haunted Hamburger known for their amazing Bloody Mary’s. My mom ordered one & said it was incredible, I of course, stuck with my Prickly Pear Margarita. The food was amazing as well, & to my luck they had these delicious gluten-free buns!

Wednesday was a full day! One of the hottest days of our trip we decided to visit a popular spot known as Slide Rock. Slide rock is a natural water slide located in one of the  parks & it was so much fun! I took my Go-Pro down & looking over the videos is just so cool! After sliding down the rocks in freezing cold water we decided to grab some drinks at the Indian Gardens Cafe & Market. We had some wine & sat outside & we even saw a snake in the garden! All the water sliding tired us out, so after a nap we decided to walk around the shops on Sedona’s main street. I bought a cute touristy shirt & we stopped by a Mexican restaurant downtown called Oaxaca. Again, they have amazing guacamole & Prickly Pear Margaritas, also an amazing view of my favorite rock formation, Snoopy Rock.

Thursday started off with another one of our favorite hikes, Cathedral Rock. Though it does have one portion that is a little tricky, those parts are always my favorite. One part of the climb is a little tight & I always say that I feel like Spider-man when I am climbing up. The top has amazing views of the valley below & it feels so relaxing once you’re finally at the top. Once we made our round trip we stopped by the Enchantment Resort for more views & Prickly Pear margaritas! I have become so obsessed with Prickly Pear I had to buy some prickly pear candy! The night was completed with our trip to the Blazin’ M Ranch. The ranch has a little town built where guests can learn to lasso, shoot, ride a tractor, & buy some drinks. Dinner is involved, which included these amazing ribs & baked potato. After dinner there was a show that featured some comedy & country music. It was very family friendly & a lot of fun as well!

Friday was our last day in Sedona so we had to make it a good one! Another day meant another hike & this time we were trying a new one. We went on the Soldier’s Pass Trail, which features the Seven Sacred Pools. The hike did not feature any high climbs which was nice in the heat. Once again the hike parched us, which meant it was time for another drink! We stopped at the SaltRock Southwest Kitchen for a relaxing lunch. Everywhere you go in Sedona has amazing views & outdoor seating is always the way to go.  We ending the night eating all of our collective left overs & having a talk on the patio.

Once again another amazing vacation is over way too soon. Sedona is such a relaxing & beautiful area I definitely recommend it; through visiting with my mother it has totally grown on me!

So where are some of your favorite places to visit in the States?


Holy Guacamole

Hi all & Happy Friday! I have never posted a recipe before, which just seems crazy because cooking is one of my favorite things to do! Now that I’m back home & finally back into my dream kitchen I can go back to cooking more normal things instead of just chicken & rice for every meal.

Now that it’s getting warm one of my favorite snacks to eat in the summer is guacamole, not only because the produce is finally getting into season, but it’s super easy to make! I originally found the idea for this recipe on Pinterest [I would love to give credit where it’s due but I can’t find the recipe anymore] I have changed the recipe a bit however, but the idea to add greek yogurt in the recipe was definitely the Pinterest users idea & I’m sorry I can’t give you credit!

Holy Guacamole

Here is a list of the ingredients that I use for this guacamole recipe:

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup diced onion
  • 1/2 cup diced tomato
  • cilantro
  • 2 tsp. chili powder’
  • 1tsp. lemon or lime juice (I didn’t have any lime juice & helps with reducing browning)
  • salt & pepper to taste

This recipe is super fast, it takes about 15 minutes total (unless your a super fast chopper!)

First, Cut the avocado, remove the pit, & mash the avocado in the bowl until semi-creamy I like a little bit of avocado chunks in my guac.

Then, add in the greek yogurt & mix well, add in your diced tomato & onions as well as the cilantro.

Now I didn’t state an amount for cilantro because I think its all based on personal taste. I add a lot of cilantro, about 2-3 bunches because I love the peppery taste that it adds. However, if you don’t enjoy the taste as much obviously add in less!

After everything is added in, now it’s time to add the spices! Add in the chili pepper & lemon juice (I didn’t have lime juice at home so obviously if you have lime juice use that instead) & then salt & pepper to taste!

Finally your guacamole is ready & your ready to share it with your fam & friends (or keep it to yourself, there’s no shame in that)!

Thanks for stopping by! If you try out the recipe I would love to hear how it goes!



Spring Break in Chicago

Wow.. first and foremost where does time go. Spring break was in March and I’m a full month late on this post. Final months of college are taking over my life, and truthfully it all slipped my mind.  I was just looking through the photos that I look during the time, as well as it being my lovely friends birthday that I stayed with while I was there I figured it was time to write this up, even if it is a month late!

I came home from school ready to start spring break only to be met by a massive snow storm that was closing down airports all over the east coast. Luckily, my flight was only delayed 30 minutes or so, and I was able to make it to Chicago bright & early on Friday morning. I was met by a friend who I had not seen in 2 years after our amazing adventures in London together. We had made a promise to not lose touch even after we had returned home, and it is a promise that I refuse to break!

Much of Friday was spent catching up, having a few drinks and reminiscing over past travels. Soon a craving of tacos came over us and we spotted the cutest exterior of a restaurant, Su Casa & we couldn’t resist trying it out. It had amazing food & I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. We were also able to take super cute pics in the bathroom so definitely go check it out!

Saturday’s plan was to pretend that we were back in London enjoying our favourite afternoon tea. We had made reservations at The Allis, about 2 weeks before and everything was amazing. We dressed up and of course took a few pictures posing sipping our tea. But when you go be sure to order 2 towers, we easily scarfed down 1 tower ourselves!

Sunday & Monday were jammed packed with everything I wanted to complete during my time there. Of course I visited the Bean 2 times, I couldn’t help myself. We also took on the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It was so beautiful inside with all the amazing flowers. Another photo shoot worthy destination. It was an amazing break from the cool weather outside & even more of a plus it’s FREE! Right next door is the Lincoln Park zoo, which is also free! Even though it was a little cool outside, the sun was shining so we were able to peak at the lions sun bathing. A short walk from my friends apartment took us to Cafe Iberico where we had our fair share of tapas & sangria. Let me just say, the sangria was amazing. Even though the waiter was a bit surprised when we ordered a full pitcher for the two of us he can’t say that we disappointed him by leaving not even a single drop behind.

Monday was a more artsy day, where we stopped by the 3 Arts Club Cafe for breakfast. In my ‘where to go’ search of Chicago on Pinterest I came across this place. First and foremost its beautiful there. When you walk in it’s all brick inside, there are trees and fountains inside with a glass ceiling, and you get to eat in there! I could have stayed there all day, and not only did it just have a pretty face the food was excellent as well. We explored some history at the field museum, even though Sue, the giant T-Rex that normally greets you, was being moved I still got to see her skull was pretty exciting.

Now, I may not know about you but cheese is an important thing in my life. So of course, one thing that my family made sure that I did when I went to Chicago was have Giordano’s pizza. WOW. Deep dish pizza is just amazing, I don’t care what any one else has to say. Even though I could eat one piece I wanted to marry that pizza, and that is not an exaggeration.  The night ended in a food coma and we shared a few beers at the closest thing we could find to a English Pub. Unfortunately, I had to go back home on Monday, but we made sure to stop in the Art Institute. Of course I had to see my favorite man, Vincent Van Gogh before I went back home.

Even though I did not get a break from the snow or cold over spring break, I was able to spend time with a friend, which truly was the best thing ever. Though you may not see your friends every day, or live states apart like we do, make sure you take time for the people you care about.



Newcastle is Sweet

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a massive sweet tooth! Just about everyday I’m craving something sweet to sink my teeth into. Now that I’m off in college & traveling abroad at the moment, I dabble in the occasional, sweets for breakfast, because I’m an adult now & I can have whatever I want, right?! I’m going to tell you about three of my favourite treats I’ve had in Newcastle so far!

Newcastle has definitely came in clutch with their various sweet treats around town. One of the first treats I’ve tried in town are donuts from a local bakery named Doughheads. First off, walking down the street I could smell the bakery from the top of the road! I wasn’t even initially planning on going in there but the smell was so captivating, I was like one of those cartoon characters floating towards that freshly baked pie on the windowsill.  I choose two donuts for takeaway, & it was one of the biggest challenges not to dig in right on the bus. I bought a Nutella stuffed donut as well as a peanut butter and pretzel donut for my roommate & I to share. The dough was so fluffy & light, & the toppings were just perfect! Just make sure you have a glass of milk ready to wash it down!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Check out Doughheads website here!

The next stop is to a little cuban restaurant in Charlestown Square named Coco CubanoMy roommate & I were in need of a quick meal before we continued shopping. Something caught our eye, & we just couldn’t resist.  I know this isn’t quite a dessert, but it was totally a treat! We each ordered a Frose, or a frozen rose. Let me just say, it had to be one of the best drinks I’ve had, the alcohol wasn’t too overpowering & it had the perfect amount of sweetness, just get ready for a brain freeze here & there! 


Check out Coco Cubano’s instagram here!

Last, but definetly not least is the ‘Freakshakes’ from The Depot.  The Depot is located on Darby Street in Newcastle.  They offer these crazy milkshakes, I mean they’re insane! Toppings piled high, you just can’t miss out on them. I suggest making this a meal in itself because you will be rather full after, & you might be thinking, “but Hannah, that’s just sugar”! Well you’re right, it is all sugar, but I never said I was a health blog, & this post isn’t about veggies.  I choose the cookies and cream freakshake, which included a cookie bowl with cookies and cream icecream ontop of the shake itself. While my friend choose the churros freakshake, which included many churros and tons of whipped cream ontop.


Check out The Depots instagram here!

Also check out my roommate Molly’s instagram to see all of her photos of the sweet treats: @molly.mcqueary 

Hope you’re day is as sweet as all these treats!



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