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Blog Resurgence

Quite like my favorite boyband, I have been on hiatus.

IMG_2348After a semester abroad, I tranfsered up to Penn State, Unversity Park.

I celebrated a 21st birthday & was given another opportunity to wander to a new country!IMG_1314

Junior year for most means internships, & that is what lies ahead of me.  Psychology is a huge department, with many sub-categories along the way.  This summer I got the amazing chance to intern at a Neuropsychology Clinic in Australia! With a quickly approaching depature date and a 20 hour trip ahead of me I can’t deny that I’m a bit scared.  But, in the words of Jack Canfield, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear,” & I’m not one to let things stand in the way of what I want.

So with a new adventure means I need to document my travels; the places that are explored, sights that are seen, & of course the foods that are eaten.  So if you’d like to travel along with me, I’d love the company!


Springing into Sunday

First, to who maybe reading this, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Even though the constant temperature here in London is around the 50’s it’s nice to have that spring smell in the air, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, it’s over all just a great time.  So to take advantage of this beautiful weather we decided to take a trip to Brick Lane.  Brick Lane is a fabulous market with tons of vintage shops & graffiti (some even by Banksy). There is so many wonderful shops & restaurants that I want to stop & buy something from everyone.

We stopped right away to the famous ‘Beigel Bake’ to get one of their amazing beigels.  Luckily we came at the right time were the line was not out the door.  I got a salt beef sandwhich on a rainbow beigel and let me just say it was INCREDIBLE! If you’re in London you have to get there at least once, the prices are so cheap and the food is outstanding, you’d be dumb not to go there.

As we continued down the crowded streets there were just some things I couldn’t walk by without purchasing.  One of the items was a beautiful print by Felix Green.  All of the prints at the stand were so eye catching but this one caught my attention immediately.  I always try & make a point to buy things while I’m traveling that I can’t get anywhere else.  I walked into a store called ‘Ragyard’ & I knew right away I needed to get something, everything in the store was so different.  The store carried all sorts of regular crewnecks with something new embellished on them.  They turned these boring crewnecks into something so different.  My last purchase of the day was a dress. I was on the look for something nice for tea at the Ritz with my mum. I got this dress right outside Shoreditch market, in a lovely little boutique, I would definitely go there again.  I’m so happy about all my purchases & can’t wait to show them off!

xx hannah

Bleach London & More

These past months have honestly been non-stop for me; 2 full months feels like a whole year already.  While in London I made a promise to my self that 1.) I would bleach my hair & 2.) I would go see the 1975.  Since I’m such a good person… I kept those promises to myself! The first week in March I went to Bleach London & now I’m a blonde! The whole process took 5 hours! I had great chats with the workers & the outcome was totally worth it! I’m going back to Bleach right before I go back home so I can get my locks more silvery.

During this time my dad & uncle came to visit so I also got to show my guests my knew knowledge of my area.  It was amazing to realize how much I’ve learned in the short time that I’ve been here already.  We took a Jack the Ripper Tour & spent a lot of time at the Borough Market enjoying oysters.

Tuesday 9 March, I got to see the 1975! It was an amazing show and I was so happy.  I had been sick the following days, but even though I sat a little while during the show I was able to enjoy it still because their music is amazing.

University is taking over a little bit with constant papers & presentations; but that doesn’t mean I have to stop enjoying London.


xx hannah

Stratford & Chinese New Year

Waking up early has never been something that I’ve been fond of; yet I’ve had to do it quite a lot this weekend.  Saturday was a day trip to Stratford, many know it as William Shakespeare’s hometown.  After about an hour and 15, we arrived to a small town filled with corner shops with Shakespeare’s face plastered everywhere.  We visited his childhood home, as well as his final resting place.  His once retirement home that he purchased was torn down, however his granddaughter’s house, which was right next door, was still standing.

After Claire & I got tea in Stratford, the group moved onto Kenilworth Castle. The castle is now left in ruins after the English civil war.  The ruins allowed for the imagination to run wild on the actual interior of the castle.

After a long day on Saturday, one would think that Sunday would be a little bit more relaxing…  We decided to get one last adventure in before the work week snuck up on us.  With alarms set at 8am (that’s early for us) we grabbed the tube and headed to Trafalgar square for the Chinese New Year parade.  It wasn’t as along as I was expecting, but it was filled with colourful dragons which made me quite happy.

Another wonderful weekend here in London, I don’t see myself leaving.

x hannah

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend starts on Thursday in London.  It’s another plus, no Friday classes.  Since I have such a long weekend that means I can do so much in a city that offers so many things.  After Thursday classes I ended up at Trafalgar’s Square for gelato.  We have found our favourite place and we decided to treat ourselves with something good after another successful week of classes.  The other reason why we decided to take a trip to Trafalgar’s is because it was the re-opening of my favourite pub.  Sherlock Holmes pub is a place that I visit regularly every time I am in London.  When I first arrived at the beginning of January & heard that they were doing some construction I was nervous that they wouldn’t be opening soon.  Luckily they are now open again and ready for my business again!

Our walk took us all over London, to Piccadilly circus, to China Town, then finally to end the night in another pub called the Porcupine.

Friday was filled with The V&A museum as well as the Natural History Museum.  I live for the free museums here.  Its incredible that these arts are so available to everyone.  After filling our brains, we decided to fill our stomachs with Tapas that we have been craving all week.  Let me just say we made some great decisions.

Saturday was another big day taking trip to Notting Hill. With the busy Portobello Market, and the colorful houses, I was once again in love.  The market was buzzing with all sorts of stands yet a couple of friends and I spotted out a Gyro stand that we just had to try; and I’m so happy we did.  After all that eating & walking we stopped for a spot of tea, then took the train home.  It was a very exhausting day of hunting for my future house.

Sunday’s are relaxing, however there was one more market I needed to stop at this weekend. Brick Lane, in Whitechapel has all the good vintage clothing that you just need! SO many shops with everything that I want in my closet.  It was so hard to have self control luckily I did! Along there was beautiful graffiti that I just had to get photos of, as well as some interesting works.


A tiring weekend, leading into another tiring week of university.

x hannah

Chapel Market

As a student in an expensive city I need to find the cheapest food I can get.  In my history class the Professor shared a valuable market that is very close to my residence building in King’s Cross. The market was only a quick seven minute walk, that opens up at 9am.  A friend & I decided to take the adventure and see if this Professor really knew what he was talking about.  Luckily, he was right! We arrived around 10:15am while the stands were just finishing setting up. Stands featuring paella,cheeses, fresh fish & produce.  To any students I highly recommend.  I was able to get 5 huge lemons for £1, 3 avocados for £1, a pound of baby potatoes & a pound of brussel sprouts for both £1 as well! I bought enough IMG_8187food to last me at least 3 meals, which will save me valuable money here.  I’m very excited about being informed about this market, & I have to give big thanks to my history Professor. Outlining the market are various store fronts with even more produce and a bakery as well.  Of course I couldn’t turn down fresh croissants! A nice americano coffee with a chocolate croissant was a great way to start the day.

x hannah