Weekend in New Zealand

Trying to fit everything you want to do into 8 weeks in a gorgeous country can be difficult to say the least.  For one weekend I thought I could visit Australia’s neighbor, New Zealand! When else am I going to get the chance to visit a country down under! So the other interns & I decided to take a weekend excursion to Christchurch, New Zealand. The second largest city in New Zealand has been going through a serious  resurgence after a 2011 earthquake destoryed buildings & even had some casualties. Despite the destruction that happened years ago, the city is still growing.

IMG_2761.JPGThe flight to Christchurch was memoriable, each of us was upgraded to a business class.  And you may be saying, “okay what’s the big deal”, but as a college student, whose never flown first class, & whose gotten a free upgrade, it’s a very big deal!  I got my own little pod, champagne, even breakfast with a table cloth! The flight there was amazing, so I had high hopes for the rest of the trip!



The first night was spent resting, grabbing some pizza and getting acquainted with our city for the weekend.  Saturday we got up early to head over to the Christchurch Gondala.  The Gondala takes you up onto a mountain, which shows you extraordinary views of both Christchurch, and the moutains that surround the city. Though it was extremely windy and chilly up on the mountain, the views were just something that I couldn’t pass up. The rest of the day was spent exploring the city centre, checking out the Cathedral, that was boarded up because of the earthquake.  We also explored the restart mall, which are storage containers that were converted into shops. There were all these food trucks surrounding the area, each had such an inviting smell, but how do you expect me to pass up a burger! I got this lamb burger from The Burger Joint, which was incredible! It had all the right spices & I couldn’t pass up a lemonaide to wash it down.

Sunday was a jammed packed day! Starting with a tour of the Botanical Gardens.  Though it was winter time in New Zealand there were still flowers in bloom, which we couldn’t help and take photos with… lots of photos! Then onto punting on the Avon, which also went through the gardens giving us a different view.  It was nice to get out into the city, and talk to locals, just have a relaxing day.

The weekend went by fast, but I was happy to get back to Newcastle & sleep in my own bed again.  Christchurch, New Zealand is definietly a place I recommend to visit, I will totally be going back.


Onto the next adventure!




Seeing Sydney

Leaving home was anything less than stressful.  A 20 hour flight, a 14 hour time difference, not being able to see my friends & family in a snap of my finger.  After two

Kangaroo & Mash 

flights, I arrived, greasy hair & all! All I wanted to do was sleep,4D38BA24-03D7-4D0D-AE16-2BCE1A41F197 yet TEAN had other plans for us, like walking tours & dinner as a group to get to know eachother, which was an excellent idea! The first night a group of us tried kangaroo, & let me just say, it was amazing! Once the jet-lag finally set in we all almost fell asleep in our plates.  The next day was filled with even more walking, including Sydney Habour & the amazing views that surrounded.  It hadn’t quite hit me until I saw the Opera house that I was in Australia!  The night was filled with beer & conversation as the new roomies & I got to know eachother & this large city.  Our last day involved visiting the Taronga zoo, which makes me behave like a small child again, because all i want to do is see every animal possible. We were able to get up close with kangaroo’s & the cutest tazmanian devils! On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Aqua S, a icecream shop that is anything less than instagrammable.  The rose ice cream was unlike anything I had ever tasted, but so refreshing! IMG_2553

The third night in Sydney is soon approaching with a dinner cruise on Sydney harbour, so I couldn’t be more excited! Then saturday we are off to Newcastle to explore our home for the next to months & get into the swing of things with our internships! All this change still has my head spinning around a bit, but I’m still very blessed & excited for what is next to come!


xx Hannah


Blog Resurgence

Quite like my favorite boyband, I have been on hiatus.

IMG_2348After a semester abroad, I tranfsered up to Penn State, Unversity Park.

I celebrated a 21st birthday & was given another opportunity to wander to a new country!IMG_1314

Junior year for most means internships, & that is what lies ahead of me.  Psychology is a huge department, with many sub-categories along the way.  This summer I got the amazing chance to intern at a Neuropsychology Clinic in Australia! With a quickly approaching depature date and a 20 hour trip ahead of me I can’t deny that I’m a bit scared.  But, in the words of Jack Canfield, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear,” & I’m not one to let things stand in the way of what I want.

So with a new adventure means I need to document my travels; the places that are explored, sights that are seen, & of course the foods that are eaten.  So if you’d like to travel along with me, I’d love the company!


back home

Returning from London, back home to my hometown really has been hard. I was honestly so terrified to live in London for months that I never even thought about how difficult it would be to return to the states. Leaving my dream home to come back to my real home has its pros and cons.  The hard part is leaving an amazing place with so much to do & so much history, but coming home to the comfort of my house & seeing my friends & of course my dog is always something to look forward to.  Being back home is a change of pace, when I was so used to weaving in & out of people on the streets, now here there is no one on the streets.  It’s different being home, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Yet, I am ready for another adventure! I plan to save money to travel with friends & maybe even take an internship in Australia next summer.. a girl can dream right?! Thank you for following my last adventure & I hope you follow along for the next!

Birthday Weekend & Bleach Round 2

So I did it! I finally made it to silver/ gray hair & I couldn’t be more excited.  Bleach did such an amazing job and the people who work there are so nice & know exactly what they were doing.  Dying your hair is just so much fun & going to Bleach made it even better!

I also got to experience my 20th birthday here in London & I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better gift.  Just walking around & being here is a gift in itself.  The weekend we planned was so full of activities! I got my nails done, got some drinks at the pub, went to Greenwich and visited the conservatory.  The conservatory was so beautiful, we didn’t actually go in, but we sat on the hill right outside & the view of the city is just gorgeous. I love London and next week is my last week in the study abroad program.  I never thought that I would be sad to see classes end :(.


I have an extra week here with my mom before I have to go back to the states.  I’m going to live it up the last weeks I’m here, and I won’t be sad because I know I’ll be returning.

x hannah

Save the Sharks 🌊

For the past couple months I’ve been working on idea that is very important to mewith my brother & best friend. Sharks are my favourite animal and they are being hunted and put into danger. The ocean also continues to be polluted. Although out action may be small, I feel that anyone can make a difference if they work hard enough.  We have started a company called Her Majesty Co. & through this company we are selling t-shirts. All proceeds from the t-shirts go to the Ocean foundation who has been working with us this whole process. I’d like to share our new company with the world; it’s something I’m very excited about.  The link for the t-shirts are below: Her Majesty Co. Store

Even if you don’t plan on buying a shirt please share it; tell your friends!

Save the Sharks!

x Hannah


Springing into Sunday

First, to who maybe reading this, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Even though the constant temperature here in London is around the 50’s it’s nice to have that spring smell in the air, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, it’s over all just a great time.  So to take advantage of this beautiful weather we decided to take a trip to Brick Lane.  Brick Lane is a fabulous market with tons of vintage shops & graffiti (some even by Banksy). There is so many wonderful shops & restaurants that I want to stop & buy something from everyone.

We stopped right away to the famous ‘Beigel Bake’ to get one of their amazing beigels.  Luckily we came at the right time were the line was not out the door.  I got a salt beef sandwhich on a rainbow beigel and let me just say it was INCREDIBLE! If you’re in London you have to get there at least once, the prices are so cheap and the food is outstanding, you’d be dumb not to go there.

As we continued down the crowded streets there were just some things I couldn’t walk by without purchasing.  One of the items was a beautiful print by Felix Green.  All of the prints at the stand were so eye catching but this one caught my attention immediately.  I always try & make a point to buy things while I’m traveling that I can’t get anywhere else.  I walked into a store called ‘Ragyard’ & I knew right away I needed to get something, everything in the store was so different.  The store carried all sorts of regular crewnecks with something new embellished on them.  They turned these boring crewnecks into something so different.  My last purchase of the day was a dress. I was on the look for something nice for tea at the Ritz with my mum. I got this dress right outside Shoreditch market, in a lovely little boutique, I would definitely go there again.  I’m so happy about all my purchases & can’t wait to show them off!

xx hannah