Holy Guacamole

Hi all & Happy Friday! I have never posted a recipe before, which just seems crazy because cooking is one of my favorite things to do! Now that I’m back home & finally back into my dream kitchen I can go back to cooking more normal things instead of just chicken & rice for every meal.

Now that it’s getting warm one of my favorite snacks to eat in the summer is guacamole, not only because the produce is finally getting into season, but it’s super easy to make! I originally found the idea for this recipe on Pinterest [I would love to give credit where it’s due but I can’t find the recipe anymore] I have changed the recipe a bit however, but the idea to add greek yogurt in the recipe was definitely the Pinterest users idea & I’m sorry I can’t give you credit!

Holy Guacamole

Here is a list of the ingredients that I use for this guacamole recipe:

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup diced onion
  • 1/2 cup diced tomato
  • cilantro
  • 2 tsp. chili powder’
  • 1tsp. lemon or lime juice (I didn’t have any lime juice & helps with reducing browning)
  • salt & pepper to taste

This recipe is super fast, it takes about 15 minutes total (unless your a super fast chopper!)

First, Cut the avocado, remove the pit, & mash the avocado in the bowl until semi-creamy I like a little bit of avocado chunks in my guac.

Then, add in the greek yogurt & mix well, add in your diced tomato & onions as well as the cilantro.

Now I didn’t state an amount for cilantro because I think its all based on personal taste. I add a lot of cilantro, about 2-3 bunches because I love the peppery taste that it adds. However, if you don’t enjoy the taste as much obviously add in less!

After everything is added in, now it’s time to add the spices! Add in the chili pepper & lemon juice (I didn’t have lime juice at home so obviously if you have lime juice use that instead) & then salt & pepper to taste!

Finally your guacamole is ready & your ready to share it with your fam & friends (or keep it to yourself, there’s no shame in that)!

Thanks for stopping by! If you try out the recipe I would love to hear how it goes!




Sydney Vivid 2017

Living in Newcastle you get a city setting without all the towering buildings and massive crowds.  Newcastle is also set around 3 beautiful beaches, and easy access to Sydney, just 3 hours by train.  I know 3 hours seems a bit extreme, but trust me with a good playlist it flies by!  This weekend the girls & I decided to travel to Sydney for the day to experience the last day of the Vivid light festival. Sydney takes part in the festival every year, which includes light installations all over the harbors.

With a couple of bumps in the road, we just made the 9:33am train into Sydney getting us there at noon, the perfect time! We enjoyed lunch on Darling Harbor, and decided to visit the aquarium.  If you know anything about me, it should be that I am in love with the ocean, the animals, reefs, just everything about it, so if there is an aquarium near by, you will totally see me there.IMG_3035

After the aquarium, we indulged in a few drinks, it was happy hour we couldn’t resist! Then we took on the lights. The Opera House was lit up with moving pictures of coral and all sorts of other things.  There were interactive installations, such as blowing on the dandelion will cause them to change colors. I could stare at the lights all night, however my stomach was getting the best of me.

I have a strong love for Indian food, but the other girls had never tried it before. I’m an IMG_3085adventurous eater & to be able to introduce others to food I love is one of my favorite things. We found a restaurant called ‘The Spice Rack” in Sydney.  I was very nervous to see what they thought, & they loved it! I had goat curry while my friend tried Chicken Tikka Masala for the first time, it had to be one of the best meals I’ve had!



try anything, enjoy whats around you