Sydney Vivid 2017

Living in Newcastle you get a city setting without all the towering buildings and massive crowds.  Newcastle is also set around 3 beautiful beaches, and easy access to Sydney, just 3 hours by train.  I know 3 hours seems a bit extreme, but trust me with a good playlist it flies by!  This weekend the girls & I decided to travel to Sydney for the day to experience the last day of the Vivid light festival. Sydney takes part in the festival every year, which includes light installations all over the harbors.

With a couple of bumps in the road, we just made the 9:33am train into Sydney getting us there at noon, the perfect time! We enjoyed lunch on Darling Harbor, and decided to visit the aquarium.  If you know anything about me, it should be that I am in love with the ocean, the animals, reefs, just everything about it, so if there is an aquarium near by, you will totally see me there.IMG_3035

After the aquarium, we indulged in a few drinks, it was happy hour we couldn’t resist! Then we took on the lights. The Opera House was lit up with moving pictures of coral and all sorts of other things.  There were interactive installations, such as blowing on the dandelion will cause them to change colors. I could stare at the lights all night, however my stomach was getting the best of me.

I have a strong love for Indian food, but the other girls had never tried it before. I’m an IMG_3085adventurous eater & to be able to introduce others to food I love is one of my favorite things. We found a restaurant called ‘The Spice Rack” in Sydney.  I was very nervous to see what they thought, & they loved it! I had goat curry while my friend tried Chicken Tikka Masala for the first time, it had to be one of the best meals I’ve had!



try anything, enjoy whats around you



Weekend in New Zealand

Trying to fit everything you want to do into 8 weeks in a gorgeous country can be difficult to say the least.  For one weekend I thought I could visit Australia’s neighbor, New Zealand! When else am I going to get the chance to visit a country down under! So the other interns & I decided to take a weekend excursion to Christchurch, New Zealand. The second largest city in New Zealand has been going through a serious  resurgence after a 2011 earthquake destoryed buildings & even had some casualties. Despite the destruction that happened years ago, the city is still growing.

IMG_2761.JPGThe flight to Christchurch was memoriable, each of us was upgraded to a business class.  And you may be saying, “okay what’s the big deal”, but as a college student, whose never flown first class, & whose gotten a free upgrade, it’s a very big deal!  I got my own little pod, champagne, even breakfast with a table cloth! The flight there was amazing, so I had high hopes for the rest of the trip!



The first night was spent resting, grabbing some pizza and getting acquainted with our city for the weekend.  Saturday we got up early to head over to the Christchurch Gondala.  The Gondala takes you up onto a mountain, which shows you extraordinary views of both Christchurch, and the moutains that surround the city. Though it was extremely windy and chilly up on the mountain, the views were just something that I couldn’t pass up. The rest of the day was spent exploring the city centre, checking out the Cathedral, that was boarded up because of the earthquake.  We also explored the restart mall, which are storage containers that were converted into shops. There were all these food trucks surrounding the area, each had such an inviting smell, but how do you expect me to pass up a burger! I got this lamb burger from The Burger Joint, which was incredible! It had all the right spices & I couldn’t pass up a lemonaide to wash it down.

Sunday was a jammed packed day! Starting with a tour of the Botanical Gardens.  Though it was winter time in New Zealand there were still flowers in bloom, which we couldn’t help and take photos with… lots of photos! Then onto punting on the Avon, which also went through the gardens giving us a different view.  It was nice to get out into the city, and talk to locals, just have a relaxing day.

The weekend went by fast, but I was happy to get back to Newcastle & sleep in my own bed again.  Christchurch, New Zealand is definietly a place I recommend to visit, I will totally be going back.


Onto the next adventure!



Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend starts on Thursday in London.  It’s another plus, no Friday classes.  Since I have such a long weekend that means I can do so much in a city that offers so many things.  After Thursday classes I ended up at Trafalgar’s Square for gelato.  We have found our favourite place and we decided to treat ourselves with something good after another successful week of classes.  The other reason why we decided to take a trip to Trafalgar’s is because it was the re-opening of my favourite pub.  Sherlock Holmes pub is a place that I visit regularly every time I am in London.  When I first arrived at the beginning of January & heard that they were doing some construction I was nervous that they wouldn’t be opening soon.  Luckily they are now open again and ready for my business again!

Our walk took us all over London, to Piccadilly circus, to China Town, then finally to end the night in another pub called the Porcupine.

Friday was filled with The V&A museum as well as the Natural History Museum.  I live for the free museums here.  Its incredible that these arts are so available to everyone.  After filling our brains, we decided to fill our stomachs with Tapas that we have been craving all week.  Let me just say we made some great decisions.

Saturday was another big day taking trip to Notting Hill. With the busy Portobello Market, and the colorful houses, I was once again in love.  The market was buzzing with all sorts of stands yet a couple of friends and I spotted out a Gyro stand that we just had to try; and I’m so happy we did.  After all that eating & walking we stopped for a spot of tea, then took the train home.  It was a very exhausting day of hunting for my future house.

Sunday’s are relaxing, however there was one more market I needed to stop at this weekend. Brick Lane, in Whitechapel has all the good vintage clothing that you just need! SO many shops with everything that I want in my closet.  It was so hard to have self control luckily I did! Along there was beautiful graffiti that I just had to get photos of, as well as some interesting works.


A tiring weekend, leading into another tiring week of university.

x hannah

Day 3

Waking up has never been my favourite thing to do.  When you have a warm cozy bed why would you want to go anywhere else? What makes it even worse is waking up at 7am for an Econ class at 8am. Being the person I am, someone who doesn’t get excited about numbers and graphs, this is one of the hardest things in the world to do.  So as I roll my way out of bed and barely land on my two feet, I grab my advent box praying that it will bring me some sort of joy to this dreadfaceful morning.  As always the box did not disappoint me.  On this beautiful day 3 I received Kate Somerville Exfolikate, which let me say is like a blessing to me this morning. Waking up in an irritated mood,this exfoliator helped calm my nerves. As soon as started using it this green tea smell instantly hit me, calming my senses and helping me relax.  This product called “Hollywood’s 2 minute facial” is an exfoliating treatment that is absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend it. The exfoliator is to be used once or twice a week and left on for about 1 to 2 minutes. When you put the mask on it has this greenish tint, but after having it on for about 30 seconds the color goes away. In the picture the green color has already started to fade. I left my mask on for about 2 minutes, there’s this tingling feeling on your skin, which is a feeling that I really love.  After washing it off my face feels incredibly soft and smooth, let me just share if I could buy a lifetime supply of this stuff I would! Hoping that tomorrow is a little easier to get up but has a product that is just as exciting.

xx Hannah

Day 2

Waking up this morning was exciting as ever because who isn’t excited for a new mystery beauty item. So today as I jumped out of my lovely college dorm bed (can you sense the sarcasm), put on my slippers, and grabbed my beauty box I was ready to start the day.  Under mystery flap 2 was bliss blood orange & white pepper hand cream with macadamia oil & grape seed extract.  What a weird combination right? Blood orange and white pepper, who would even think to put those two together.  Although the hesitation let me put all your questions to rest, the combination does in fact work! It’s a sweet and spicy smell, you can smell the orange flavor but also get that tickle of white pepper in your nose.  Besides the interesting smell the lotion itself is wonderful! After putting it on, my hands felt buttery smooth without that greasy after feeling that lotions can sometimes have.  I’ve had other lotions of bliss before and it’s a great thing to have, even a little tube that can fit right in your purse! Hopefully it can save me from getting cracked dry hands from this Erie winter. Have a great day and get excited about day 3!

xx Hannah