Pack With Me: Sedona, Arizona

Happy Hump-Day!

In 3 days I’ll be headed off for my first adventure of the summer! Along with my family I am visiting Sedona, Arizona. So I thought I would share what I am packing for the trip!

I have been there twice before, but my Mom & Aunt seem to visit there constantly. There are many things to do in Sedona; most people enjoy all the trails through the rock formations which are open to the public. Since we are going in the spring/summer & Arizona is already hitting high tempuratures packing light was key!

The first outfit that I always start with is what I am going to be wearing for the flight. Since we are flying out of Cleveland in the morning, we will be arriving in Sedona pretty early. The goal for on flight outfits for me is to be comfortable, but not look so much like a bum! I choose my favorite pair of demin shorts, they are super comfortable & they won’t be annoying during the flight; with it I choose a comfortable t-shirt, I sure do love my band t-shirts! This outfit to me is perfect because even if we don’t have time to stop at the hotel before exploring the town I’ll be ready to go! IMG_0076

Once the on-flight outfit is taken care of I focus on grabbing my favorite tops that I have that I can basically pair with anything. The tops also had to be light & airy since the projected forcast for the week goes up to 90 degrees! Since I will be gone for only a little over a week, I really only bring 2-3 pairs of shorts & alternate tops. I choose to bring my jean shorts, a soft pair of maroon shorts, & this super cute new jean skirt that I am obsessed with!


Now that I had my ‘arount the town’ clothes together I had to start with the hiking clothes. We always try and get out early in the morning to hike or else the heat makes it impossible to take 10 steps (I don’t do too well in the heat!) Most of the hiking clothes have UV protection which is important, you don’t want to burn out in the desert! Along with my fancy hiking pants from Columbia & Eddie Bauer I threw in a few Penn State t-shirts, I mean you never know where you will find some fellow Alumni!


To end my packing I threw in a few accessories, such as some silk scarfs to tie in my hair or around my neck (it’s my new fav trend), and a couple hats as well! Where I live I don’t wear hats out & about too much even though I love wearing them! I threw in my new hiking hat that will protect my eyes & the back of my neck from the sun. I got it from TJ Maxx & I just loved the funky floral pattern! I also threw in my black pom-pom hat that I got last year from TJ Maxx as well; I thought it would really complete one of my desert outfits!


Now that my packing is done the excitment & waiting is just killing me!

Thank you so much for stopping by & packing with me!

Where are you excited to visit this summer!?




Graduation Feels

Four years of college has already flown by. I swear I was moving into my freshman dorm only yesterday. Now graduation has gone & past & I now have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  Everything still seems very surreal; even after walking across stage it hasn’t gotten me into the proper mind set that I will not be returning to Penn State in the fall.

The whole day of graduation I was battling an upset stomach, scared of the fact that I had to leave another comfort zone, leave my friends, & leave a school that I had come to love so much. Dressing up in my cap & gown, looking in the mirror, I still didn’t believe what was happening. Despite the nerves I was so happy to show off the work I had done for my grad cap. I don’t consider myself to be very artistic, but I have to say I am very proud of how my cap turned out!


As the day went on I became more excited about future endeavors, such as traveling new places & moving into an apartment with my best friend! Celebrating the day with my family also made me in better spirits, knowing that I was supported & loved through this whole process. Even though my brother couldn’t make it to the ceremony he made sure to contribute to my day by drawing a cartoon of me, which made me so happy!

Cartoon version of me

So those of you still in college, ENJOY your time there, take advantage of every opportunity, because trust me 4 years flies by so fast. Now I’ll be here trying to figure out this post-grad life!



My brother is a cartoonist so feel free to follow his youtube account here: Banjaxed Oracle


5 Products I Use to keep up my Silver Hair

I’ve had every hair color under the sun, however my favorite and probably most fullsizeoutput_6dfconsistent has been silver. I got my hair done at Bleach London while studying abroad because I was so obsessed with the company (even more so now with their amazing new makeup line) & I’ve been in love ever since.

Two full-head bleaches later here I am with silver hair & I’m still obsessed with it, even though I had to cut it rather short due to the damage I caused it. I’m going to share with you a few of the products that I’ve used to keep up lovely silvery color.

1. Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Obviously, since I got my hair done by the salon, I thought that I would give their product a try. They are clearly experts in hair color & the shampoo worked wonderfully as well. I never had any brassy color coming through when I used the product. The only sad thing was the bottle was rather small and I had very long hair at the time so I flew through a bottle in about a month. If in the United States you can easily find the shampoo online on Amazon, and be sure to buy the conditioner along with it!

2. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

After doing much research I found a new shampoo, that came in a little higher quantity. Fudge’s toning shampoo does it’s job wonderfully. I always liked having bits of purple coming through in my hair, and this shampoo achieved that. It also left my hair very soft, sometimes toning shampoo’s can dry out your hair. However, if you do not like any purple coming through your hair (if you have really REALLY light hair) I would not leave this product in long, it works very well & very fast. This product is also not sold in stores in the USA, but again you can find it online. I remember before leaving Australia I stocked up on this shampoo!

3. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

This shampoo truly is something else. Now this shampoo is not for everyone, it is specifically for individuals who have colored their hair silver or are naturally gray. The product works very well, I went from brassy to silver in one wash. The down side of the shampoo is that it dries out your hair because the sulfates in the shampoo. I try and aim for sulfate-free shampoo when I can, however this product tones my hair too well to give it up at the moment! So be sure to condition when you wash with this product, but you will be surprised at the results in color.

4. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

You treat yourself, so that also applies to your hair as well. Especially after bleaching treatments on your hair is Very important. This elasticizer brings shine to your hair as well as making it extremely strong & soft. I love love this product and if I could I would buy everyone a bottle just to see how amazing it really is.

5. DIY Treatments

I’m a college student, working a part time job, most times I can’t afford these fancy treatments so I make my own!  I put coconut oil in my hair after class, wrap my hair in a plastic bag (I know I’m classy but you gotta do what you gotta do), and wash with warm water and shampoo when I go to shower. It makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. I also spray my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar when I get in the shower and let it soak a little, it helps keep up shine!

These are just a few of the products I’ve used & some of the most notable that I thought I would share! Love yourself & love your hair!


xx Hannah



Spring Break in Chicago

Wow.. first and foremost where does time go. Spring break was in March and I’m a full month late on this post. Final months of college are taking over my life, and truthfully it all slipped my mind.  I was just looking through the photos that I look during the time, as well as it being my lovely friends birthday that I stayed with while I was there I figured it was time to write this up, even if it is a month late!

I came home from school ready to start spring break only to be met by a massive snow storm that was closing down airports all over the east coast. Luckily, my flight was only delayed 30 minutes or so, and I was able to make it to Chicago bright & early on Friday morning. I was met by a friend who I had not seen in 2 years after our amazing adventures in London together. We had made a promise to not lose touch even after we had returned home, and it is a promise that I refuse to break!

Much of Friday was spent catching up, having a few drinks and reminiscing over past travels. Soon a craving of tacos came over us and we spotted the cutest exterior of a restaurant, Su Casa & we couldn’t resist trying it out. It had amazing food & I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. We were also able to take super cute pics in the bathroom so definitely go check it out!

Saturday’s plan was to pretend that we were back in London enjoying our favourite afternoon tea. We had made reservations at The Allis, about 2 weeks before and everything was amazing. We dressed up and of course took a few pictures posing sipping our tea. But when you go be sure to order 2 towers, we easily scarfed down 1 tower ourselves!

Sunday & Monday were jammed packed with everything I wanted to complete during my time there. Of course I visited the Bean 2 times, I couldn’t help myself. We also took on the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It was so beautiful inside with all the amazing flowers. Another photo shoot worthy destination. It was an amazing break from the cool weather outside & even more of a plus it’s FREE! Right next door is the Lincoln Park zoo, which is also free! Even though it was a little cool outside, the sun was shining so we were able to peak at the lions sun bathing. A short walk from my friends apartment took us to Cafe Iberico where we had our fair share of tapas & sangria. Let me just say, the sangria was amazing. Even though the waiter was a bit surprised when we ordered a full pitcher for the two of us he can’t say that we disappointed him by leaving not even a single drop behind.

Monday was a more artsy day, where we stopped by the 3 Arts Club Cafe for breakfast. In my ‘where to go’ search of Chicago on Pinterest I came across this place. First and foremost its beautiful there. When you walk in it’s all brick inside, there are trees and fountains inside with a glass ceiling, and you get to eat in there! I could have stayed there all day, and not only did it just have a pretty face the food was excellent as well. We explored some history at the field museum, even though Sue, the giant T-Rex that normally greets you, was being moved I still got to see her skull was pretty exciting.

Now, I may not know about you but cheese is an important thing in my life. So of course, one thing that my family made sure that I did when I went to Chicago was have Giordano’s pizza. WOW. Deep dish pizza is just amazing, I don’t care what any one else has to say. Even though I could eat one piece I wanted to marry that pizza, and that is not an exaggeration.  The night ended in a food coma and we shared a few beers at the closest thing we could find to a English Pub. Unfortunately, I had to go back home on Monday, but we made sure to stop in the Art Institute. Of course I had to see my favorite man, Vincent Van Gogh before I went back home.

Even though I did not get a break from the snow or cold over spring break, I was able to spend time with a friend, which truly was the best thing ever. Though you may not see your friends every day, or live states apart like we do, make sure you take time for the people you care about.



Sydney Vivid 2017

Living in Newcastle you get a city setting without all the towering buildings and massive crowds.  Newcastle is also set around 3 beautiful beaches, and easy access to Sydney, just 3 hours by train.  I know 3 hours seems a bit extreme, but trust me with a good playlist it flies by!  This weekend the girls & I decided to travel to Sydney for the day to experience the last day of the Vivid light festival. Sydney takes part in the festival every year, which includes light installations all over the harbors.

With a couple of bumps in the road, we just made the 9:33am train into Sydney getting us there at noon, the perfect time! We enjoyed lunch on Darling Harbor, and decided to visit the aquarium.  If you know anything about me, it should be that I am in love with the ocean, the animals, reefs, just everything about it, so if there is an aquarium near by, you will totally see me there.IMG_3035

After the aquarium, we indulged in a few drinks, it was happy hour we couldn’t resist! Then we took on the lights. The Opera House was lit up with moving pictures of coral and all sorts of other things.  There were interactive installations, such as blowing on the dandelion will cause them to change colors. I could stare at the lights all night, however my stomach was getting the best of me.

I have a strong love for Indian food, but the other girls had never tried it before. I’m an IMG_3085adventurous eater & to be able to introduce others to food I love is one of my favorite things. We found a restaurant called ‘The Spice Rack” in Sydney.  I was very nervous to see what they thought, & they loved it! I had goat curry while my friend tried Chicken Tikka Masala for the first time, it had to be one of the best meals I’ve had!



try anything, enjoy whats around you


Weekend in New Zealand

Trying to fit everything you want to do into 8 weeks in a gorgeous country can be difficult to say the least.  For one weekend I thought I could visit Australia’s neighbor, New Zealand! When else am I going to get the chance to visit a country down under! So the other interns & I decided to take a weekend excursion to Christchurch, New Zealand. The second largest city in New Zealand has been going through a serious  resurgence after a 2011 earthquake destoryed buildings & even had some casualties. Despite the destruction that happened years ago, the city is still growing.

IMG_2761.JPGThe flight to Christchurch was memoriable, each of us was upgraded to a business class.  And you may be saying, “okay what’s the big deal”, but as a college student, whose never flown first class, & whose gotten a free upgrade, it’s a very big deal!  I got my own little pod, champagne, even breakfast with a table cloth! The flight there was amazing, so I had high hopes for the rest of the trip!



The first night was spent resting, grabbing some pizza and getting acquainted with our city for the weekend.  Saturday we got up early to head over to the Christchurch Gondala.  The Gondala takes you up onto a mountain, which shows you extraordinary views of both Christchurch, and the moutains that surround the city. Though it was extremely windy and chilly up on the mountain, the views were just something that I couldn’t pass up. The rest of the day was spent exploring the city centre, checking out the Cathedral, that was boarded up because of the earthquake.  We also explored the restart mall, which are storage containers that were converted into shops. There were all these food trucks surrounding the area, each had such an inviting smell, but how do you expect me to pass up a burger! I got this lamb burger from The Burger Joint, which was incredible! It had all the right spices & I couldn’t pass up a lemonaide to wash it down.

Sunday was a jammed packed day! Starting with a tour of the Botanical Gardens.  Though it was winter time in New Zealand there were still flowers in bloom, which we couldn’t help and take photos with… lots of photos! Then onto punting on the Avon, which also went through the gardens giving us a different view.  It was nice to get out into the city, and talk to locals, just have a relaxing day.

The weekend went by fast, but I was happy to get back to Newcastle & sleep in my own bed again.  Christchurch, New Zealand is definietly a place I recommend to visit, I will totally be going back.


Onto the next adventure!



Seeing Sydney

Leaving home was anything less than stressful.  A 20 hour flight, a 14 hour time difference, not being able to see my friends & family in a snap of my finger.  After two

Kangaroo & Mash 

flights, I arrived, greasy hair & all! All I wanted to do was sleep,4D38BA24-03D7-4D0D-AE16-2BCE1A41F197 yet TEAN had other plans for us, like walking tours & dinner as a group to get to know eachother, which was an excellent idea! The first night a group of us tried kangaroo, & let me just say, it was amazing! Once the jet-lag finally set in we all almost fell asleep in our plates.  The next day was filled with even more walking, including Sydney Habour & the amazing views that surrounded.  It hadn’t quite hit me until I saw the Opera house that I was in Australia!  The night was filled with beer & conversation as the new roomies & I got to know eachother & this large city.  Our last day involved visiting the Taronga zoo, which makes me behave like a small child again, because all i want to do is see every animal possible. We were able to get up close with kangaroo’s & the cutest tazmanian devils! On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Aqua S, a icecream shop that is anything less than instagrammable.  The rose ice cream was unlike anything I had ever tasted, but so refreshing! IMG_2553

The third night in Sydney is soon approaching with a dinner cruise on Sydney harbour, so I couldn’t be more excited! Then saturday we are off to Newcastle to explore our home for the next to months & get into the swing of things with our internships! All this change still has my head spinning around a bit, but I’m still very blessed & excited for what is next to come!


xx Hannah