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String Art

I’d like to see myself as a crafty person, but sometimes my ideas don’t always come out as planned.  So with this DIY it actually came out as I wanted.  I’m not sure if I made it known but I love England, especially London. I’ve visited many times and it just feels like my real home to me. So instead of my real home of Pennsylvania, I decided to make England.  This craft is called String art, I got the idea off of pinterest. It isn’t hard just takes a little bit of time.

What you need is:

Cork board – I used cork board to make it easier, I didn’t feel like having to hammer nails into a block of wood, with my skills it would’ve just ended badly.  FullSizeRender (11)

Nails or Pins


Map of state or country

I FullSizeRender (12)printed out a map and then traced the pins all the way around the map onto my cork board.  After the pins were in I made a little heart in the center for a place where the strings could connect. After tying one string onto a nail I just started wrapping back and forth all the way around the pins. The pins in the heart will be used multiple times. And TADA the final work! FullSizeRender (13)

The design doesn’t have to be perfect, mine got a little messy but I still think it looks really cute.

I hope everyone gets to try this DIY it’s a cute decoration to have in your dorm room to remind you of home, or just something cute to have around the house!

xx Hannah