Tattoo Stories

Tattoos are very personal and permanent works of art. Though it seems the world has a love/hate relationship with them, I can’t seem to get enough of tattoos.  I currently have two tattoos, which I got both within the year. Even though I have been in love with the idea of tattoos, it took me 21 years to get my first one. Not every tattoo needs to have a story behind it, as long as it’s special to you that’s what matters; my tattoos do have a few meanings that I wanted to share with the rest of you.

My first tattoo is the world on my ankle. Though it may be a bit cliche, I choose this as my first tattoo because I love to travel. It has always been something that I loved to do and I feel as though it is a large part of me. In the tattoo you can see both the East coast of the USA as well as parts of Europe, most importantly England. I wanted this view because I wanted to be able to have both of my ‘homes’ seen in the tattoo. Many people may find the tattoo cheesy, but as a first I love it and I often use it as a motivator as well. Before I left for my internship in Australia, I was terrified, but I thought, you have the world at your feet now, you have to do this!

Do your Tattoos Tell Tales?


My second tattoo is a shark tooth on the inside of my right arm. At first glance many people are like ‘oh wow, you just have a shark tooth on your arm’. Which is true, I do, but instead of explaining a long story I just tell them sharks are my favorite animal, which they are. However, the tattoo does have a little bit more meaning to it.  I got the tattoo while I was completing my internship in Australia, whenever I look at it I remember all the fun I had while adventuring. Not only that but I envision sharks as powerful, strong & beautiful creatures; a few of my family members face mental illness, while overall I have been unaffected by these illnesses I feel that it is my job to stay strong for the family & keep everyone together. It is a reminder to be strong, loyal, and above all else be like a shark… never sinking & always moving forward.

Whether it has a deep meaning or not, tattoos are wonderful works of art, & a fantastic way for an individual to express themselves. I’d love to hear your tattoo stories!




Final Days in Newcastle

As the internship was crawling to an end, my anxiety began to take over.  ‘What do you mean it was already time to go home, I just got here!’ I was overwhelmed at the fact that time went so fast and I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted to complete.  The girls and I made the most of our final days, refusing to spending weeknights indoors, and


going out and exploring the city.  We ate at amazing restaurants on the water, took paths we normally didn’t travel on, and just spent time appreciating where we are.  We found this place that had the most amazing Acai bowls, so much fruit and flavor packed into one little bowl I couldn’t even eat it all it was too good! If you’re in Newcastle and you get the chance, go find this little gem on Darby St. called the W.I.A store, not only do they have acai bowls but cute tee’s as well.  I made the promise to myself as well that I would get a tattoo while I was there. To me tattoo’s don’t need to have a deep meaning all the time, it may just be something you want on your body to express yourself.  The tattoo I got does have a meaning to me, yet I know it will be too hard to explain to so many people, so I’ll let them think what they want about it.

Our last days we were also able to attend a local rugby game for the Newcastle Knights.  Personally I was still a bit shaky on the understanding of the game, but it was still really awesome to be a part of the atmosphere.

Newcastle became my home for 2 months and I was so grateful to have experienced my time there with such amazing people.  I will be going back to visit very soon.  The city is wonderful, the beaches are beautiful, the people are so nice, and there is just so much to explore. I can’t wait to go back.